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The online world is rather fragmented, dispersed. It really, truly is. There is so much (SO MUCH) content posted and updated every minute. Just look at what happens on YouTube every second. How to sort through it all?

In English language teaching – the same applies. Over the years, I’ve watched so many great projects, great ideas fail to get noticed, get the audience and use they deserve. Why? Unless you have a huge marketing budget, you are just a drop in the ocean. Not to mention FB and Twitter taking up all the attention of eyeballs and minds.

So, after being asked so much about “Where can I find this?”, “What is the best ….?” I have decided to do something about it. ELT Buzz.

I need YOUR help. You too are an expert. You can submit something great in ELT and post it, share it. If you have an ELT related product, business, book, service, anything – just share it. Bloggers – I promise to get your blog posts seen. Submit your blog post or even post the whole thing on ELT Buzz. We use a canonical URL which won’t hurt your original post’s SEO or exposure.

It’s a sharing, curating economy. We need to bring that to ELT. Welcome to the Buzz. Welcome to a new way of doing things.

Thanks for being part of the journey!


Chief ELT Buzzer and Curator

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  • Eric H Roth

    Thanks for creating, curating, and sharing quality ELT materials! I look forward to reading, learning, and contributing.

    • ELT Buzz

      Thanks for your support Eric. Yes, quite a bit of work and just getting started. It is easier than it seems – I created a button to capture and curate content quickly but then have to spend time editing, personalizing etc …. In the coming months, I’ll be canvassing to get others posting content and helping with the curation process.

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