Recommended Xmas Movies!

Every year teachers ask us what Christmas movies work best with a class. Well, here is our definitive answer with some resources to use for each video selected. Only the best, the most classic of them all. No, we don’t recommend using “Home Alone” in class!

If you have one not on our list and you’d like to recommend it – just give us a Christmas shout in the comment section below!

#1. The Snowman. A classic tale about a boy and his magical flight with a snowman. It’s just beautiful, enchanting. Get the resources >>>

#2. A Charlie Brown Christmas. For decades this story of the Christmas spirit has charmed audiences. Always works! Get the resources >>>> View here >>>>

#3. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Short video about a negative Grinch who tries to destroy Christmas but can’t. Happy ending! Get the resources >>>> View here >>>>

#4. Love Actually. Full-length British film with lots of short scenes that can be used to discuss Christmas customs etc …. Loads of romantic fun. Get the resources >>>>

#5. The Great Toy Robbery. National Film Board of Canada short animation that really has an unusual and fun take on Christmas. Get the resources >>>>

#6. Mr. Bean Christmas. Everyone loves Mr. Bean and especially this one! Get students describing the action to each other (one sits with their back to the screen). Get the resources >>>>

#7. BIG. Tom Hanks at his best and many of the scenes are Christmas related – especially the scenes in the toy store. It’s a classic all students will love. Use with the whole coursebook for the film, for ELT Buzz Teaching Resources Subscribers.

#8. It’s A Wonderful Life. The most popular ever Xmas movie and it has so many teachable scenes to use in class. Here is one of them – George has a bedtime talk with his daughter Zuzu.

#9. The Present. Not really about Christmas but it is about a present and has the most perfect Christmas lesson and ending …. a must for class, any class! Get the resources >>>>

#10. English For Beginners. A Polish man prepares for a Christmas trip to England to visit his son and new grandchild. Lovely!

Get the resources >>>

What’s your Xmas fav. movie?

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