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ELT Buzz Teaching Resources continues to “push the bubble” when it comes to providing teachers with quality, well edited teaching resources.

We are still finalizing functionality and look for better things to come. Among those –

  1. Product Preview for all types of files (Premium or Free), no registration needed.
  2. Better Content Discovery for members – help to find the content you need.

I’m personally calling for schools and teachers to support our independent publishing model. We’ll be continuing to publish 100s of quality teaching resources each week. So please help us with an upgrade or sharing our site with other teachers and schools. Even consider contacting us about an institutional license so all your teachers for one low price get access to our library.

You might ask – “Why your teaching resources?”. Here’s a short list to explain.

  1. 2,500+ CEFR Leveled Readers of high interest to students. Year subscribers get access to pdf, pptx, video and video + audio versions of the readers.
  2. Assured quality. Sure you can get worksheets out there for free. But they’ll be full of mistakes, edited horribly, with horrible fonts etc … I know, you know what I mean.
  3. Huge library. Updated daily. We post resources daily. Over 30,000 individual lesson sheets and 6,500 lesson file “packs”.
  4. Video lessons. Over 200+ video lessons. Video IS the new textbook and we provide support and materials to bring these into your classroom as a listening and study tool.
  5. 24/7 Cloud access. Save and keep your resources handy in the cloud using our File Manager. Access them wherever you are and with whatever device. Throw away your flash drive!

There is so much more we could relate but these 5 points will suffice. So join us by upgrading (oh by the way – the cost is the absolute lowest in ELT – for one year access, you get what other libraries (Onestop / ELT Library) charge for a month!

And if still doubtful about upgrading – just register to activate your free trial and view our whole library of resources.

Thank you so much for your support!

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